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The 2008 edition

The fourth edition of Warsaw Challenge, held on 10 and 11 May 2008 , as always in the Warsaw Sowiński park in Wola. As every year, there were programme and quality changes, which raised the level and prestige of the contest, and the entire line up.

During the fourth edition not three but five judges were invited, organizers put themselves in trouble for the future because they engaged the biggest tycoons from breakdance world stage, the media even raised the question, “Who is coming next year, if the greatest ones are already here?” The jury consisted of Zulu Gremlin, Hefo, K – Mel and the greatest legends – Mr . Wiggles and Crazy Legs. One more competition was added: dance in the style of popping. Here the jury were also legendary as again 8 teams from around the world were invited. When it comes to the concerts in accordance with the philosophy, we managed to do more than anyone else ever before, i.e. invite the world-famous Dilated Peoples to Poland. Among others thanks to them, the Amphitheatre was filled with the audience. In addition to Dilated Peoples all the most important Polish hip-hop bands gave a concert, and graffiti jam took place. Main tournament and the President’s Award of Warsaw went to American group Kilafornia/Rockforce. In the finals they defeated the Poles from Funky Masons .
Edition from 2008 showed how wonderful the hip- hop culture is and how many people love this music, dancing and laymen had the opportunity to meet them in the best possible quality in the two days of the WARSAW CHALLENGE 2008.