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Open Warsaw Breakdance Championship was to be held in March 2005 as a small event for young people to promote the "3vs3 battle" accompanied by several concerts of Warsaw hip-hop bands. Such a plan was the idea of Artur Zalewski, the founder of Warsaw b-boy group Breakoholix, that came up during his stay in hospital in autumn 2004. Arthur aka Leski had suffered from lymph nodes cancer for several months. After leaving the hospital, he asked two closest friends, Michał Pełka and Piotr Zaczyński for help in organizing the event. They began searching for a suitable venue and sponsors for the 3vs3 breakdance contest. The young people presented their idea in the Office of Promotion and Development of the Capital City of Warsaw, where it was welcomed with open arms. The Municipality decided to support financially the organization of the event, provided that it will contribute to the promotion of the city . Meanwhile, Arthur's health deteriorated and he had to go to hospital, where on February 9, 2005 he died. His friends, however, decided to continue working on the event in order to realize his and their dreams. Thanks to that as a result of the small contest Arthur organized in the school gymnasium, a large event combining all the elements of hip- hop was created.


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